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Ceramic Classes Free On Line... Fired Art..  Clay, Glass and more

Enjoy and learn by viewing  the step by step photo Ceramic Classes on clay
casting, Clay, Glass, Decorating, Kiln firing and more.. Use the links below to choose a ceramic class. 

The ceramic class choices range from casting, kiln firing with a hold on a manual kiln, clay decorating, project ideas, putting together a mold banding strap.. and more general knowledge topics that are useful when creating ceramic art.

Enjoy all the Ceramic Class topics here........


Slip Cast A Perfect Plate using a Mold.  This ceramic class will take you step by step with photos through the process of casting a plate with perfect rimmed bottoms.

Slip Cast a Solid Core Design. This ceramic class will take you step by step with photos through casting a mold that has a plaster core inside.. forming both and outer and inner wall of clay..

Cast A Solid Core Bowl Mold.. This ceramic class guides you through a photo class of casting a bowl mold that has an inner core of plaster which forms the bowl inside.. 


Cast Perfect Stemware: This ceramic class will guide you through casting a stemware glass that has a perfectly filled stem.. for appearance and safety.

Create Marbles in this Ceramic Class. A plaster molding system for slip casting perfectly round marbles without a visible pour hole.

Cutting Clay the New Fashion Way.. A little technique I stumbled onto when working with my Grandson..  Much cleaner.. with the appearance of a molded edge..

Ceramic Cell Phone Holder.. is just one of the finished projects this simple technique can be used to create... 

Bubble Painting is a fun and simple way to decorate ceramics before firing.. Kids love it ! so do adults be sure and have lots of bisque ready, it's an addictive decorating technique..

Warm Glass in your kiln.. to create this fun and inexpensive project from found glass.. 
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The proper way to Cast Molds for creating Brass hinged boxes..
Sprig work using a Ceramic Mold.. Step by Step photos and instructions.
Slip Cast a simple Flood Mold
Making Clay Beads. Simple Step by Step Photos and Instructions
Decorating Ceramic Techniques
Paint Gingham backgrounds the fast and easy way.. on greenware or bisque
Photo Step By Step of Assembly of a Ceramic Mold Banding Strap



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